WordPress VIP development team

$22k per month
The average team consists of a middle developer, team lead/senior developer, QA engineer and PM part-time

Who needs the service

Media Product Owner (PO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a media company when it is required:

— to expand the current development team with WordPress VIP developers;
— code review to estimate the readiness of migration to WordPress VIP;
— code refactoring for migration to WordPress VIP;
— a comprehensive audit of a media product to estimate its readiness for migration to WordPress VIP.


WordPress VIP

Silver Agency Partner

No prepayment

payment upon completion of phases

100% transparency

due to activity tracking

Money back guarantee

if a new developer doesn’t fit

What we do

We provide the team of WordPress VIP developers for the client’s tasks. The team structure can be changed upon request.

Statistics of results

3+ years

experience on commercial projects


frequency of releases

2 weeks

maximum time for team onboarding

Relevant WordPress VIP cases

Work stages

Engaging PM
PM serves as a single point of contact on any issue

Phase roadmapping
PM defines the scope of works for the period from 2 to 4 months divided into 1-2 week iterations

Team formation
In case you are not satisfied with the engaged specialist within the fisrt 2 weeks – you do not pay for his work

Phase starting
— we conduct a kickoff meeting (meeting the client with the team and setting goals)
— from the very start of the project we engage the supervisors: for technical, business and quality issues

Development by iterations
We follow Scrum principles. Upon completion of each iteration we present a demo of results. Releases are regular

Phase completion
We sum up the results, and proceed with the next phase

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