IT product audit

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Who needs the service

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Product Owner (PO) when:

  • they need to know all the project details and risks when entering a new position;
  • they need to build a product development strategy and identify the growth areas;
  • to increase the chance of a successful product launch;
  • the finished product experiences constant operation failures or user churn.



successfully completed project

International experience

10 years of business with industry leaders

9 areas

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What we do

We conduct a complete product audit according to our own procedure taking into account the best global practices. We provide a documented report listing all challenging areas and areas that can be improved.

Statistics after audit results implementation

Up to 40%

reduction in the number of errors

Up to 30%

less problems when launching product

Up to 25%

reduction in the user churn

We sign a sensitive information non-disclosure agreement

Functional testing
We detect the functions where the logic does not work correctly or can be improved

Front end testing
We check visually for any eventual problems in the product on various devices and in various browsers

Security check
We analyze data theft risks and detect other vulnerabilities

UI/UX testing
We suggest design improvements based on best practices

Testing integrations
We check whether the product is correctly integrated with external services

Stress testing
We determine the application tolerance to stress factors

Load testing
We check what is the highest traffic your application is designed for

SEO audit
We look for the ways to improve the product position in the Google search results by means of code changes

Technology strategy
If required we provide in the report the strategy for product changes and suggestions on architecture and infrastructure optimization

Infrastructure audit
Analysis of local, testing and production environment. Analysis of configuration and deploy management

PDF report
We provide a report of 40-200 pages including recommendations on improvement

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getting IT product audited to identify its growth areas

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