Dedicated team

$22k per month
The average team consists of a middle developer, team lead/senior developer, QA engineer and PM part-time

Who needs the service

Product Owner (PO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where the priorities change very often, and the immediate result is required:

  • responsibility has to be taken for many projects simultaneuously;
  • the technical debt (from 8 weeks and more) is required to be reduced where the project cannot be stopped;
  • the team does not deliver any results, but their dismissal will make things more complicated;
  • the number of people in the team is growing but not the number of releases;
  • within 1 week the team is to be augmented with people possessing adequate hard and soft skills;
  • the project scope covers 12-18 person-months.

What we do

We augment the team with our experts, monitor and promptly solve the problems related to the joint team’s performance, bear responsibility for the project result achieved.

Work stages

Engaging PM
PM serves as a single point of contact on any issue

Phase roadmapping
PM defines the scope of works for the period from 2 to 4 months divided into 1-2 week iterations

Team formation
In case you are not satisfied with the engaged specialist within the fisrt 2 weeks – you do not pay for his work

Phase starting
— we conduct a kickoff meeting (meeting the client with the team and setting goals)
— from the very start of the project we engage the supervisors: for technical, business and quality issues

Development by iterations
We follow Scrum principles. Upon completion of each iteration we present a demo of results. Releases are regular

Phase completion
We sum up the results, and proceed with the next phase

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*A non-public offer, a detailed calculation can be obtained by contacting our specialist.



supervisors with experience in 50+ projects.

No prepayment

payment upon completion of phases

100% efficiency

due to activity tracking

2 weeks money back guarantee

when new developers are brought in

Up to 2 weeks

to bring in new specialists

Statistics of results

Up to 1-2 weeks

reduction of technical debt


frequency of releases

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