Customer development and UX design

$8k for a user journey testing

Who needs the service

Product Owner (PO), Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) when:

  • it is unclear whether a new product will be user-friendly to the target audience;
  • products’ target audience does not grow;
  • the option has to be found to increase the product conversion rate.



product designers

HSE UX laboratory

our partner

What we do

We collect information on the product, agree upon the target audience and customer journeys. We work out in detail the most probable journeys, design the interface layout and test the product with a focus group. After each iteration, we make changes and test again.

Statistics of results

70 % savings

due to screening out irrelevant ideas

Up to 2 times

increase in target audience conversion rate

Work stages

Engaging team
Consisting of a project manager, UX designer, and business analyst

Collecting and analyzing information
The business analyst gathers data from all stakeholders involved. We divide the target audience into groups, define an avatar and context for each of them (up to 3 groups)

Customer journeys
Together with you, we define eventual customer journeys, work out in details one with the highest priority

Interface layout
Based on the customer journeys we design up to 5 screens of the interface layout

Selecting respondents
At the same time, we prepare the focus group and approve the list of members together with you

UX testing and optimization
For the selected customer journey we test 3-5 respondents. We make adjustments and improve the layout

New testing
We repeat the procedure of adjusting and testing

The interface layout ready for development and conclusion on the idea viability

Apply for

To create a customer-oriented UX of the product while rationally spending the budget

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